Westview House

50 South Willard Street
Burlington, Vermont 05401

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Westview House

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Who We Are:    What is Westview House? Westview House is a day, evening, weekend and holiday psycho-social recovery program offering an environment of opportunities for self help and skill-building to individuals who are recovering from psychiatric illness in the community.

Our Purpose:   What is the purpose of Westview House? In order to combat the social isolation of people who have experienced psychiatric illness, it is important that there is a place to belong, to be needed, wanted and expected; a place to share with others. Westview provides opportunities for members to perform meaningful work, to grow through responsibility and leadership and to develop their skills as individuals.
How is this purpose accomplished?  The people who attend Westview House are called members. Members are encouraged to participate at their own level and to join in group meetings that address common issues and decision making within the Westview community. Members are empowered in this program which is built on individual and group goals.

Workshop Areas:   Club House Assignments Members are a vital part of the functioning of the club and work together with staff to keep the club going. There are several workshop areas: food service, computer and office skills, facility maintenance, and Odd Jobs Service, that includes moving, cleaning and lawn mowing. Other skills available are food preparation, nutrition, computer skills, internet use, resume writing typing, reception, laundry skills, journalism, graphics, editing and teaching. Within the workshops members have the opportunity to develop social, vocational, interpersonal and recreational skills as well as strengths, talents and leadership. Clubhouse tasks are voluntary. Paid work is through the Odd Jobs Service and peer leadership positions in the club.

Social Activities:   Social and Recreational Activities The importance of social interaction is recognized at Westview, especially the powerful role of the peer support and links to the community, family and friends. To this end, activities are planned by the participants: outings, celebrations, dinners, camping, relaxation group, movie nights, bowling, art and talent shows.

Qualification:   Who Qualifies? Westview serves adults with an experience of severe and persistent major mental illness who are over the age of 18. The person should be able to understand the program and purpose of involvement without one on one supervision. They also must be enrolled in the Community Support Program at Howard Center.

Membership:   How does a person become a member of Westview House? Contact your case manager at Howard Center for Human Services, or your Vocational counselor. Open orientation is every Monday at 10AM with a complimentary lunch in our cafe at noon and tours of the program. Walk-ins are always welcomed during the week by members when the Westview Coordinator is available. Please call if you need a special time for an orientation meeting.

Acceptance:   Rules for acceptance and participation in the program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, gender or national origin.

Hours of Operation:   When is Westview House open? Westview is open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 4:00PM and on weekends and holidays from 9AM to 4PM. There are evening activities throughout each month.

Transportation:   What about transportation? Westview is located one block from a bus stop. SSTA van is available for those who are eligible. There is limited parking behind Westview and on the street.

Fees:   Does it cost anything to go to Westview House? Westview House is part of the Howard Center for Human Services, which is a private, non-profit community mental health center. Fees are based on ability to pay. Services provided at Westview House are included in the managed Medicaid package of the Community Support Program at Howard Center.

Work:   What about work? The Westview Employment Service is located at Westview on the second and third floors. The WES is part of Howard Center for Human Services and helps individuals with employment and educational goals. Feel free to talk to these counselors when at Westview.


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Note:   Much information on this page was written by Valerie Koropatnick, Director at Westview House and was incorporated into the Web site by Melanie Jannery.

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